Professional Tree Service in Scarborough, ON

Scarborough is known for its centuries-old, charming line of parks, beaches, cliffs, and hiking trails. Even more so, what makes up part of its multicultural landscape is the dedicated maintenance of private properties and homes.

Therefore, proper maintenance of your lawn and yard helps to support your beautiful community, including ensuring proper tree care services in Scarborough.

After all, trees help to shade our children’s joy and to serve as friendly support when you need something to lean on. More importantly, providing quality tree care creates a greener world for our families and friends. Without it, your withering trees will essentially degrade the value of your community.

Our tree removal in Scarborough team offers a wide range of services to meet your needs. By contacting our friendly experts, you’ll get the most out of your money, while saving you time to commit to other priorities and avoid the risk of any potential harm.

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Quality Work Through Dedication

When you choose our company to provide you with tree removal services, you can be sure you will be happy and extremely satisfied with the final results. Give us a call today for a free estimate.

Keep Your Outdoor Space Clean With Tree Removal

Removing a tree on your property is not as easy of a decision as many would think. More often than not, it is an old yet beautiful tree that leaves a historic value for the neighborhood.

However, such trees can, eventually, grow to become a hassle, and simply building around them will no longer work. At a certain point, certain overgrown trees may potentially harm residents or visitors.

When you feel it is necessary to remove trees in the best interest of others, our professional tree removal Scarborough service will be able to assist you. We first assess the condition of your tree and your situation as well as strategically plan around how to eliminate the hassle as efficiently and neatly as possible.

In the process, our experts will inspect for pests or rodents that have occupied the inside of the tree. Not to mention, the value of your property may increase on the market.

If your tree shows signs of weak structure, such as crooked stems, split limbs or areas of decay, tree cabling and bracing are efficient intervention methods to help keep your tree standing longer.

Proper tree pruning helps our yards to look their healthiest, increases property value, and can even protect us against certain types of accidents or weather events.

Whether you live in Scarborough Village or the L’Amoreaux or Oakridge neighborhoods, you likely have some mature trees that you’d like to remove for better sightlines or to prevent damage. 

Our team can help you determine the damage caused to your trees and what your best course of action is. We can remove debris that has been thrown around after a storm or even remove complete trees if necessary.

Tree Surgeon Services

Our Scarborough tree surgeons are experienced tree professionals who genuinely care about the health and longevity of the trees, bushes and shrubs that they are asked to help. Give us a call today.

Whether you have a single mighty tree near your home or a few lovely saplings, our arborists in Scarborough are there to help. 

Maintain The Health And Beauty Of Your Plants With Tree Trimming

When it comes to the care of your lawn, yard, or garden, even trees need periodic grooming and specialized professional tree care services. The last thing you’d want is to come home to a low-hanging tree branch that potentially might fall any second and harm your vehicles or create a blockage.

Tree trimming involves carefully removing certain old branches that may cause potential harm to your loved ones, vehicles, and pets. The tree services process also involves eliminating deadwood and pests living among the branches.

By having tree service professionals trim your trees, you help to maintain the health and overall beauty of your property, including other surrounding trees or plants. There might also be younger trees growing nearby.

So, our tree care professionals will first inspect the current condition of your trees and analyze your soil’s health. Then, through the right equipment and a careful, methodological approach, we will work around the newer plants to avoid harming them and improve overall tree health.

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Live And Play Safely With The Removal Of Tree Stumps

Sometimes cutting down an entire tree does not necessarily mean it has been completely removed. A tree stump can be leftover and be a potential hazard as well as leave an unappealing mark on your overall lawn.

To pull the stump completely from the ground, including its deeply-attached roots, would require some special equipment and the expertise of tree care professionals.

So, save yourself the hassle and risks by calling one of our arborists. We specialize in stump removals, including stump grinding, to effectively remove the unnatural blemish on your yard.

The modern equipment we own is engineered to carefully draw out the remaining base of the tree and, with our latest techniques, we do so in a way that does not damage your surrounding plants and other passerbys.

Avoid Potential Injuries With Storm Damaged Tree Removals

No matter where you live, severe storms can unexpectedly occur and may lead to damaged trees that are near-falling, or contain dangerously swinging branches ready to fall at any moment.

Whether storm-damaged trees appear on your property as a result of a hurricane, tornado, snowstorm, or more, you will need skilled technicians to come out and help you clear up the mess.

That’s why our tree care specialists are here, even in emergencies, to pick up the phone and drive on over. We have the right technology to bring down any broken, sharp branches as well as being able to gather up all debris left by bad weather.

If left unattended, you may risk the damaged structures falling on their own due to unexpected strong winds or other wraths adorned by mother nature. Save yourself from also possible legal disputes by other residents and have your storm-damaged trees removed by the professional tree service experts.

Why You Need A Professional Tree Services In Scarborough

For households and businesses alike, hiring a reputable tree service will have astounding long-term effects on your property, increasing its value, and feeds the bigger picture of greatly preserving the beautiful city of Scarborough.

Our friendly and professional staff of arborists, or tree care experts, specialize in tree removal, tree trimming, stump grinding, tree planting, tree cutting, arborist reports, clean-ups of after-storm damages, and much more.

At competitive quotes found nowhere else in Scarborough, we make sure to arrive in timely manner and assess the condition of your commercial or residential property before doing any chopping.

With our attention to detail and state-of-the-art equipment, we focus on getting things done effectively – not quickly. If you have complaints or constructive feedback, our technician team is there to listen and to report your claims for future service improvements.

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Save Money With An Affordable Arborist Tree Service

Arborists are professionally trained experts specializing in the care of individual trees. They understand the needs of different trees to provide the right kind of care for those trees.

Careful consideration should be made before hiring an arborist because investing in proper tree care requires serious negotiations and thorough planning. However, your returns are substantial.

Arborists cater to various tree services such as tree pruning, tree removal, and emergency tree care. Some even help to plant new trees for you. They’re equipped with specific knowledge on what kind of tree species is right for a particular location. Planting the wrong trees can lead to higher risks of attracting unwanted insects, plant diseases, and unhealthy growth.

Our team of arborists is committed to performing only industry-accepted practices, such as avoiding removing an excessive amount of live wood or disfiguring trees without cause.

We will also sit down to get everything in writing for you regarding our fair pricing and other service details. Thus, leaving you with no surprises.

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