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In such a densely wooded area like Scarborough, arborist services are a valuable resource. These services keep our lovely city healthy and beautiful. With high winds and rainstorms occurring regularly, it’s essential to know who to call when your trees need extra loving care.

Sometimes, trees find themselves feeling or looking a little sick. Professional arborists in Scarborough know what it takes to care for them. They bring tons of scientific experience and love to each job, continuing Scarborough’s legacy of beauty and cleanliness.

Whether you have a single mighty tree near your home or a few lovely saplings, arborists in Scarborough are there to help. They’ll take great care in restoring any tree, evaluating plant samples, analyzing soil, and getting to the root (no pun intended) of the problem.

Like any other plant, trees need tending to, and that’s what arborists in Scarborough live for.

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Tree Management

Often, trees in need of special care will thrive with the proper treatment. But when it comes to determining when to trim a tree or remove it altogether, an expert diagnosis is invaluable.

An arborist can help treat your ailing tree by identifying the condition that’s affecting it. Then, they can either trim the tree to encourage it back to good health, or remove it entirely. Healthy trees also need plenty of care, especially if they extend over a home or building. 

The fact is, tree trimming can be dangerous for someone who’s inexperienced. Fortunately, a professional arborist in Scarborough has the tools and expertise you need. Homeowners and business owners hire tree services to trim overhanging branches, shape attractive hedges, and reduce fire risk and other tree-related dangers. 

Taking the guesswork out of properly maintaining your trees is simple with arborist services in Scarborough. In no time, you can start enjoying your property again without worrying about tree management or cleaning up any mess after the job is done.

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Root Invigoration and Management

Root invigoration incorporates plant health treatments to improve soil conditions. Some arborists use a tool that releases high-volume air, which helps loosens up the soil and reduce compaction. Organic matter also gets released to adjust the soil chemistry catered to the specific plant.

Tree stems and root collars sometimes get pressed together during planting. Releasing air into the soil removes mulch that got stuck where the tree’s root system joins the stem.

Getting soil and mulch into that tree crown area can promote disease and insect infestations. Arborists typically add barriers made from plastic or fabric, treated to prevent root growth.

Trees like red maple, elm, or birch produce roots that breach the surface, which can damage sidewalks or otherwise look unattractive. It’s tempting to cut those roots, but they’ll usually grow back. To fix this, arborists usually mulch the area beneath the tree crown, which diffuses the tension between the surface and the root.

Fertilization and Soil Care

A healthy plant begins with healthy soil. Using organic matter and ensuring the soil’s pH is at an optimal level sets the plant on a healthy path.

This might be slightly tricky in urban or suburban areas, however. Arborists in Scarborough can simulate the best conditions for trees to grow, creating a unique treatment for each tree.

Arborists begin treatment by sampling soil from the property, which then gets analyzed. With how many samples arborists send in every year, most arborists know how to develop fertilizers for specific areas. Arborists use slow-release nitrogen treatments much of the time, which gradually spread nutrients over trees as they grow.

Each tree is unique, so arborists have to choose how to treat them based on the earth they grow in.

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