Storm Damage Tree Removal Scarborough

If you have trees around your home, you know that high winds, large storms, lightning, flooding, and heavy rain can rip branches off trees and can even uproot them from the ground.

This can lead to damaged property and dangerous conditions. Luckily, if you live in the Scarborough area, we are here to help. We never know when nature is going to throw something our way, so it is best to be prepared and know who to call if damage does occur.

Our team can help you determine the damage caused to your trees and what your best course of action is. We can remove debris that has been thrown around after a storm or even remove complete trees if necessary.

No matter what nature throws your way, safety and knowledge are our top concerns. Whether you require tree removal or debris clean up, we quickly and efficiently can get the job done.

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Damage Assessments

If you have recently experienced extreme weather and your trees are still standing, there might be damage that you are not aware of. If a tree is damaged or its root structure has been compromised, it may pose a safety risk to you and your property if it is not adequately assessed and taken care of.

We can assess any damage done to your tree and let you know what your best course of action might be. For example, if you have recently experienced an intense wind storm, your tree might be partially uprooted and close to falling. Even if it is still rooted, it may have fractured branches or even detached branches waiting to fall. Give us a call, and our team will assess your trees’ safety and remove any concerning branches or the entire tree, if necessary.

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Storm Clean Up

If you have experienced a storm, your trees may be suffering. Whether it is a storm-caused flood or something human-made, we can help.

Changes in season, heavy rains, and things like busted pipes can be detrimental to your trees. When tree roots are submerged in water, they are unable to receive oxygen and stress your tree.

Additionally, it can weaken their root system and strip the nutrients from their soil. Our team can take a look at the flood damage and decide if the tree needs to be removed.

On top of that, if the ground has been oversaturated, causing the tree to become uprooted, we can safely and effectively remove it from your property. If you suspect a flood on your property, it is best to give us a call and let our experts assess the damage.

To Sum It Up

Wind, rain, snow, hail, and more can rip branches from your trees or cause irreversible damage to the tree. Even the largest, sturdiest of trees is not entirely safe from an intense storm. It is essential to have a plan of action in the unfortunate event that you experience a damaging storm. That is where we come in.

Removing trees and branches after a severe storm is a dangerous job and can lead to further damage if not done correctly. With our top of the line equipment, we are able to safely and quickly get your yard cleaned up.

No matter the level of damage that has occurred to your home or business’s property, it is crucial to get it assessed and taken care of as soon as possible. Waiting can lead to an increased risk of personal injury or structural damage.

We guarantee the best storm damage tree removal in Scarborough, so make us your first call after the next storm!

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