Stump Grinding & Stump Removal

Whether you live in Scarborough Village or the L’Amoreaux or Oakridge neighborhoods, you likely have some mature trees that you’d like to remove for better sightlines or to prevent damage. Perhaps you have an unsightly tree stump you keep tripping over, hitting with the lawnmower or where insects are starting to gather.

There are a few different ways to remove a tree stump. Pouring a stump remover fluid into deep holes drilled into the stump will help chemicals to work themselves into the wood and the roots, effectively killing it and making it easier to remove.

These products are available in the States. However, Canada has tight regulations concerning the use of chemicals; therefore, these products are not sold north of the border. They can be very harmful to the water table and surrounding vegetation.

To prevent toxins from making their way into the ground or the Rouge River, choose a safe and legal way to remove a tree stump on your property. Call for Stump Grinding Scarborough or Stump Removal Scarborough to safely remove that stubborn stump.

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The Benefits of Stump Removal

As the name suggests, stump removal means the extraction of the entire stump, including the roots. There must be adequate space for the required equipment to completely remove the stump.

Because of the depth and length of roots, this is not a fast job. However, it’s the only way to make sure the stump won’t grow back. There is no chance of anything growing back in that area.

The other factor to consider is the large hole that will remain in your yard after the stump is gone. This hole can be filled with soil and prepared to grow flowers or grass to match the rest of your lawn.

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The Benefits of Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is a popular option as it takes much less time and can be done with much smaller equipment. The top of the stump is essentially ground down until it is just below the soil’s surface.

The stump is then covered with soil or gravel to match the surrounding. This method cuts off water and oxygen to the stump which ideally leads to root decay and erosion.

However, because the stump has not been completely removed, and because the roots are still entwined in the earth, there is the possibility of this stump growing again.

You will not be left with a large hole in your yard, but you may still feel a hard stump underfoot.
This process can be done quickly and provides you with a smooth surface.

Final Thoughts

Whether you live on one of the farms in Scarborough’s northeast corner or a housing estate on either side of the Gatineau trail, you likely didn’t plant the trees on your property, which means they may be growing (or dying) where you don’t want them.

Though DIY tutorials can be found for people to remove stumps themselves, tricky terrain or accessibility issues for machinery would make this process much more complicated for the average homeowner to complete on their own.

Using a service for stump grinding and removal in Scarborough is the ideal option to remove hazardous or unsightly tree stumps from your property safely.

Tree stumps can make your property less attractive. Stumps can be a pain for lawn mowing and a hazard for children running around on the lawn. Either fully removing or grinding them down to create a level lawn surface is the best option. So, don’t spend another summer stepping over and around the stumps in your yard; call Stump Grinding and Stump Removal Scarborough.

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