Tree Cabling & Bracing Scarborough

Tree cabling and bracing is a way to add additional support to a tree that may fail due to its weak structure. If your tree shows signs of weak structure, such as crooked stems, split limbs or areas of decay, tree cabling and bracing are efficient intervention methods to help keep your tree standing longer. If you’re wondering about tree cabling Scarborough or the benefits of bracing your Scarborough trees, this is a helpful guide.

Tree cabling is a procedure where cables are installed through drilled holes in the tree’s trunk or branches, secured tightly so the branches stay in place. Tree cabling is a method of tree support designed to last the tree’s entire lifespan. Tree bracing is a procedure done in conjunction with tree cabling. It involves bolting splitting tree limbs together with braces to support them.

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Protect Your Trees

Tree bracing and cabling is an excellent method for supporting your Scarborough trees through the most intense weather. Tree cabling and bracing can reduce the stress damage that may happen to your trees in severe weather conditions, such as heavy wind, ice, or snow. Rather than waiting through a winter storm to see what might happen to your trees, you can have some peace of mind knowing that they will be much more likely to make it through the weather, unscathed.

Cabling and bracing strengthens the tree and increases the tree’s longevity when faced with even the toughest of conditions. It is a small investment to ensure the lifespan of your trees and even requires minimal upkeep and maintenance.

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Stay Prepared In Case of Storms

All trees are susceptible to failure, even if they are braced and cabled. However, bracing and cabling your tree in advance of bad weather as a precaution is a great way to help increase your tree’s lifespan. Rather than waiting until your tree already has shown signs of weak structure or failure, supporting the tree when it is still healthy will help your tree retain its strong structure into its life.

This can be particularly helpful for trees that bear fruit, nuts, or other heavy foliage that may weigh down the branches. This additional weight can make trees at a higher risk of structural failure later in their life, so using bracing and cabling as a preventative measure sooner rather than later will help your trees stay structurally sound for as long as possible.

Simple & Low Maintenance

There are many great benefits to cabling and bracing your Scarborough trees, even as a preventative measure to prevent later tree structure failures. Not only will your trees be able to withstand intense weather conditions, cabling better and bracing sooner rather than later can help your heavier trees grow more structurally sound, increasing their lifespan and ensuring the longevity of your beautiful Scarborough trees.

Cabling and bracing upkeep is relatively simple and low-maintenance. Your hardware must be inspected from time to time by a professional arborist to reduce the risk of cables and braces breaking and therefore causing damage to your property or personal injuries. Otherwise, once the cables and braces are installed, your work is pretty much done.

Consulting a professional arborist in Scarborough is a great place to begin if you think your trees might be in need of some extra support. Luckily, there are plenty of arborists dedicated to keeping Scarborough trees healthy and beautiful, so finding a professional won’t be too difficult. Tree cabling and bracing in Scarborough is one of the simplest and best methods for keeping your trees upright for longer!

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